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Transforming throughout our lives certainly comes with its challenges as we have a natural tendency towards stability and homeostasis. Our immunity to change causes us to shy away from taking risks.

Ancient beliefs speak of reincarnation as the notion of one spiritual life transcending multiple physical lives. We now find ourselves transforming through multiple virtual lives within the context of a single physical life. Evolving through various epochs brought about by paradigm shifts has become essential. It’s easy to get left behind like the dinosaurs given increasing rate of change around us.

Long ago, a friend asked one last favor as they had decided to take their own life. My odd yet instinctive response was: “Wow, that must be so liberating! You’re telling me you’ve arrived at a place where you’re willing to let absolutely everything go?” They responded after a moment of shock: “Well, I suppose I have.” I asked: “Could you then also let everything go and work on a farm in New Zealand, join a monastery in Thailand or volunteer with CARE in Tanzania?” The notion of leaving everything behind surprisingly opened doors to all kinds of possibilities. The question became: “What part of you is it that you wish to keep with you?” A transformation occurred and it was as though a new life began.

As we go through transformations, we overcome immunity to change by truly letting go. However, it also helps to know which aspects of our identity we wish to carry with us so that we don’t become lost on our journey.

Coaching through Change

In coaching, we are encouraged to sometimes trust our instinct and be willing to take what comes to mind out for a spin. Sometimes following an instinct and going far out on a limb with our coachee is risky; however, sometimes those risky excursions are the most transformative.

CoActive Dance Carrying us through Human Transformation

At the same time, some of the core tenants of coaching are to help people to find the fundamental values at our core. Likewise, finding balance and harmony may also be a ongoing challenge as the changes in the world around us through us out of balance again and again. Attaining and maintaining fulfillment as we toss, turn, dance and spin through life’s changes is also aided by someone who can help us discover our moves that carry us through.